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Holmestad horse - yellow ocher

Unique wooden horse made in the village of Holmestad in Sweden.

Material Wood
Collection Dala Horse
Designer Maud Stiller
Quantity 1 piece

 29,95 -  43,95


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These fun and typically Swedish wooden horses are made by two lesser-known but particularly talented craftsmen in Holmestad, a small village in Sweden.

The more than eighty-year-old Karl-Erik cuts, scrapes and sands every horse with a lot of patience and attention, after which Maud Stiller (58) paints and signs them by hand according to his own motive.

The Holmestad horse (Holmestadhäst) can you be the little brother of the Dala horse (Dalahäst) to mention. This Swedish horse is less known but has that little bit extra in terms of design and beauty.

No mass production but an honest product made with a lot of love and craftsmanship.

Nice as a gift for yourself or someone else!


15 x 16 x 4.5 cm
13 x 13 x 4 cm
10 x 9 x 3.5 cm

Aangezien dit een met de hand gemaakt product is kan het formaat, de tekening en het gewicht ietwat afwijken van bovenstaande gegevens.


These horses are painted by hand with a beautiful matte paint. They are available in the colors blue, red, ocher yellow and white. Combining different colors and sizes often happens and also gives a good result.

Material Wood
Collection Dala Horse
Designer Maud Stiller
Quantity 1 piece

4 reviews for Holmestadpaard – okergeel

  1. Margreet -

    Ik wil mijn liefde voor Zweden graag in mijn huis terugzien en had al langer de wens om een Zweeds houten paardje te kopen. In mijn zoektocht stuitte ik via Pinterest op het Holmestadpaardje en ik was gelijk verkocht. Die wilde ik hebben, dus besteld bij de Swedish Giftshop. Ik ben blij met mijn okergele paardje. Ik kocht de grootste maat. Het is een uniek handgemaakt en handbeschilderd product. Er is er geen een exact hetzelfde en juist dat vind ik zo leuk. Persoonlijk vind ik dit paardje ook veel mooier dan het veel bekendere (en ook wel leuke) rode Dalarna Häst. De communicatie met Katrien verliep heel prettig en snel; ze is erg vriendelijk. Opsturen na betaling ging ook snel. Ik had het paardje binnen een week in huis, mooi en verzorgd ingepakt met een handgeschreven notitie. Om een lang verhaal kort te maken: ik beveel deze webshop en dit product van harte aan!

  2. Marika Jansen-Horikx -

    I am very happy with this ocher yellow Holmestad horse, it is showing off in our bay window. It is a unique handmade horse in a beautiful color, the painting is also very beautiful and again very different from that of the much better known Dalarna horse (which of course is still beautiful). I also ordered the red, which is not fire brigade red but rather oxen blood red in a matte shade. The special thing about the Holmestad horse is that it is made in very small quantities and is nowhere else available online. He was also not available for a while. A unique copy. I hope that this piece of local Swedish craftsmanship lasts a long time.

    Katrien's service was pleasant and personal, packed and shipped quickly and carefully. Really a gift.

  3. Juul van der Does -

    As a child I got a little red horse that I still have. Now I know why they are not cheap, because I know their history. This history is described extensively on the website. That red horse is a Dala horse; a Swedish Dalahast, a symbol of the Dalarna Landscape in Sweden.
    This ocher-yellow Holmestad horse is even more beautiful, rare and also made and painted entirely by hand.
    When I found it on this website, I was immediately sold.
    My niece is about to give birth to a girl in a couple of weeks. I hope she will play as much with this Holmestad horse as I used to. It can take a beating, my Dala horse is also tight on its legs.
    I like to give and explain to her later that it is not just a wooden animal but a unique horse. This way you can enjoy it all your life, because it really is a unique work of art. …… .. This Holmestad horse has not seen anything else for sale than on this website. It was sent to me with value and with love, that made it even more beautiful ... .. so that still could be !!!!!!

  4. Hanneke Meulink-Korf -

    A nice addition to this finely painted horse; and it also gives playing fun to the grandchildren!

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