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White dala horse

An authentic and original red Dala horse from Sweden. Available in a variety of sizes. Each Dala horse is handmade in Nusnäs (Sweden) and has an authenticity label coming from the Grannas Dala horse factory.

Weight Niet beschikbaar
Material Wood
Collection Dala Horse
Brand Grannas A. Olsson Hemslöjd
Quantity 1 piece

 17,95 -  569,95


✅ 60 days return policy
✅ Fast delivery from our own stock
✅ Personal service

Are you looking for a white authentic Dala horse? Then you have come to the right place! You can buy the original here in our web-shop.

This white Dalarna horse is (like the other Dala horses in our shop) a genuine Dala horse from Nusnäs and has a authenticity label from Granna's factory. These Dala horses have been made there by hand since 1922.

The pattern on a white Dala horse

Just like this white Dala horse, each Dala horse is painted by hand with great care. The pattern is almost always the same, but the colors in the pattern painted on top of the white base color vary, which makes each Dala horse unique.

Dalarna horses in different colors

In this web-shop you can find Dala horses in many different colors. Are you looking for a Dala horse in a different color? Purple, orange or maybe green? We are happy to help you find what you are looking for, so please feel free to contact us. For large quantities, it is even possible to specify a specific color code for the Dala horse's color.

The size of Dala horses

The size specified for a Dala horse is defined by its height. This is measured from the lower edge of the front legs to the ears of the Dala horse. The length (from nose to backside) and width (over the back) change in proportion to the height. For example, a 5 cm high horse is 1.5 cm wide and 5 cm long, while a Dala horse of 20 cm is 5 cm wide and 18 cm long.

Delivery from our own stock

We have Dala horses in stock all year round in ten different sizes. Do you want a slightly larger or smaller Dala horse? No problem! We are happy to help you! Send us an email and we will get back to you.

Dala horses as a promotional gift from Sweden

Are you and your company looking for a larger number of Dala horses. Banks, travel agencies, Ikea and other companies that organize events for their customers, or want to give an original and appreciated gift to their employees, let us provide them with our typical Swedish gifts. Do you want them in special packaging? Request a customized quote today.

Weight Niet beschikbaar
Material Wood
Collection Dala Horse
Brand Grannas A. Olsson Hemslöjd
Quantity 1 piece

5 reviews for Wit dala paard

  1. Myrthe -

    Good beautiful and original product. Very fast communication and fast delivery!

    • Katrien -

      Hartelijk dank voor je reactie Myrthe! Heel fijn te vernemen dat je tevreden bent met het dalapaard en de service. 🙂

  2. conny braaksma -

    Great beautiful horses and despite the holidays fast delivery. I do appreciate the personal touch.

  3. Marije -

    After a fantastic summer holiday in Sweden, when we returned home we thought that we would also like to give 2 horses as a gift.
    Great that this site is there!
    De paardjes zijn erg mooi, glimmen 🙂
    Delivery is also fast. The horses are nicely packaged, extra nice to give. Also very nice to receive a personal letter from Katrien!
    Communicating with Katrien via email is very pleasant and fast!
    Really recommended! Thanks!

  4. Anoukv -

    Fast delivery and also super fun packed!
    De paardjes zelf waren heel mooi!,Gelijk nog twee paardjes besteld 🙂

  5. douwe blanksma -

    good and original product which was delivered to our house undamaged in a few days, completely undamaged
    packaging and personal note (handwritten!) from Katrien is very nice.

    it is nice to communicate with the site (maybe a bit slow now and then because of the visuals?)
    het enige wat ik kan bedenken als verbeter punt is: biedt nog meer van deze leuke producten in je webshop 😉

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