Pettson and Findus

Pettson and Findus are two characters created by Swedish writer and illustrator Sven Nordqvist. The old man Pettson lives with his talking and funny cat Findus in a red house in the Swedish countryside. They experience the craziest adventures together.

The books by Pettson and Findus are originally written in Swedish and translated into several languages including Dutch, German and English. Two of the best-known books are Pancake Cake and Fox Hunt.

Besides books, there are also games, movies and a lot of wonderful products made with Pettson and Findus. In this shop you can buy quality tea towels, warm baby blankets made of organic cotton, posters, placemats, Christmas cards and puzzles with Pettson and Findus. 

Sven Nordqvist is also the creator of another popular duo, Mamma Moo and Crow.

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