Första naturlotto - first nature lotto

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This game contains 6 game cards and 48 small cards, made from sturdy cardboard. The memory is trained while playing this game. The children also learn the names of the various elements of nature that are depicted and written on the cards. The illustrations were made by a Swedish draftsman Lars Klintings.

This game can also be played by children who do not speak Swedish without a problem.

Game rules Första naturlotto

On the back of the box you can find the simple rules in Swedish.

  • each player receives a game card (other game cards are removed from the game)
  • lay all small cards upside down on a flat surface
  • the youngest player takes a card and turns it around so that all players can see the image
  • if the image appears on the player's playing card, it places the small card on the corresponding image
  • if the image does not appear, he turns the card back
  • in both cases it is the next player's turn
  • whoever first filled his playing card with cards wins the game


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