Dala Horse Collection

Large selection of gifts with dala horses
Who is not crazy about the dalarna horse - the worldwide known Swedish symbol. That is why products with dala horse are nice gifts for young and old. Be surprised by the variety of cheerful dala horse items on this site and buy unique gifts from Sweden.
Dala horse products from Sweden
In The Swedish Gift Shop you will discover a wide range of colorful and contemporary Dala horse products from Sweden around you kitchen, living room or dining room in direction. You will find here wool blankets, tea towels, glass coasters and  butter knives. But also jewelery with dala horses such as wrist watches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. There are even beautiful and colorful fabrics with dalarna horses. Just look at this unique one kitchen aprons, cushion covers and carrier bags. Finally, there are of course the well-known ones dala horses but you also know the more unique and rarer Holmestad horse from Sweden? In short, here you will find a lot of inspiration for a gift with Dala horse for partner, parent, sister or girlfriend.

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